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Our Broodmares

Oakwood Farm has a small band of Elite, States Premium, and Main Studbook Hanoverian mares.  Our mares are homebred or selected for temperament, movement and athleticism. 

QueensGambit 7 2017 pic 4.JPG

PME Queens Gambit

Quaterback/Donnerhall/Feiner Stern

The damline on this mare is one of the most successful and respected in the US, and equally well-regarded in Germany.  This line has produced exceptional riding horses and a large number of fully approved stallions, Elite Mare, States Premiium mares.  She is Hanoverian royalty.  Queen's Gambit won her mare inspection in 2017 with a 7.6

In foal to Widmark for 2021

Downtown Delight Oct 2013 MPT free.JPG

EM Downtown Delight

Don Schfro/ Londonderry/ Wittinger

Elite Mare Downtown Delight is a new addition to the Oakwood broodmare band.  This lovely mare scored a 7.16 in her Mare Performance test in October 2013.  Scroll down for pictures and offspring,

In foal to Widmark for 2021

Findlay 2018 3rd shutter pic 2.jpg

PM Findlay

Foundation/ Widmark/Wolkenstein II

Premium Mare - overall 7 for has Mare Performance Test.  Lovely and sweet chestnut filly, by the Shockemoehle Hanoverian stallion Foundation, and out of Won Hope Diamond.

In foal to Fabregas for 2021


EM Flair

Fidertanz/ Warkant/ Cavalier

Champion mare, winning her studbook inspection with a 7.83, and her mare performance test with a STUNNING 7.92, and is now an Elite Mare.  Lovely mare, and super modern

In foal to Fabregas for 2021


EM Royal Princess

Rotspon/ Wolkenstein II/ Windhuk

In her Mare Performance Test EM Royal Princess scored an overall 8! 7.61 in jumping, 7.33 in hand, 8 for typiness.  She is a very rideable mare in addition to being a wonderful producer.

In foal to Widmark for 2021


Wicked Lady

Widmark/ Don Schfro / Londonderry

 2016 Chestnut Mare.  Super nice mare out of a super producer


In foal to Fabregas for 2021

1 inspection informal d.jpg
Photo: K Rae
QueensGambit 7 2017 pic 4_edited.jpg
Wicked Moon Pic 1 3rd shutter_edited.jpg
Photo: Rance Rogers 3rd Shutter
Photo: Rance Rogers 3rd Shutter
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