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Full Care

$600.00 per month


30 stalls, several large foaling stalls and wash stalls with heated water. Facilities include 150x70 indoor arena and a 70x200 outdoor arena with sand and rubber footing. 200 acres of fields and miles of trails to go hacking. Heated tack room and lounge with shower for the rider. Hot Water in Wash Stalls heated tack Room.


Outside Board

$450 per horse per month


Outside board for raising young horses on large grass fields when weather permits. In inclement weather, horses are boarded in paddocks with run in shelter. Horses are fed daily.


Broodmare Care

$25 per day per (dry) mare

$35 per day per mare with foal or waiting to foal


Full Training

$1575 per month

Oakwood Farms offers a number of services in support of the equestrian, including a training system for young horses through upper level horses. Trainer Meg Williams has developed a proven system to develop horses and their riders. Meg has earned her USDF Gold Medal, and has been training horses and riders for many years.


One of the biggest problems in the United States is the lack of trainers who are able to start young horses correctly.  At Oakwood Farms, we start about 20 horses a year. Our program starts with the basics of introducing the bridle and saddle until the rider is able to work with the horse independently. Upon completion of the program, the horses are able to walk, trot, canter forward to the bit, ability to lengthen and shorten stride, start of lateral work, free jumping, and hacking in the field and woods. We specialize in preparing young warmbloods for mare inspections and the Mare Performance Test. We help build the confidence of the horse and rider so they will continue down the training road to success.


Oakwood Farms also has a training program to develop the young horses to higher levels, including FEI . A large portion of our clients are adult amateurs who are developing young horses to compete in accredited shows in USDF Region 2.


We also do a considerable amount of work in developing horses for sale. Many people send us horses to retrain and improve the marketability. On average, we provide this service to over 15 clients a year, monthly training rate applies.

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