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Fürst  Love

2022 Dark Bay Hanoverian filly

(Fürst Belissaro/ Widmark/ Don Schfro)

This cross was so nice, we just had to do it twice. Sire Fürst Belissaro has quite the following, with good reason - in addition to lovely, elegant movement, this is one of the sweetest, most unconcerned foals ever born. She has a fabulous hind leg with a lot of power, a great leggy type, and a kind eye that makes her a friend to all.


With Widmark and the coveted Don Schufro lines on her dam's side, it's not hard to see that this filly will be a total knockout! We have retained a full sibling for our own breeding program; this one would be just as valuable a broodmare or make a lovely riding horse.


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